Food for a Healthy Dog: Raw Dog Food Versus Kibble

Most dog owners have heard the controversial debate over raw dog food versus kibble. Although each has their own nutritional aspects, does one out weigh the other in overall health benefits? The truth is that dogs that eat raw food and dogs that eat kibble can both maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, not all dog foods are made equal and contain the proper ingredients needed to keep the dog in top shape. Instead of turning to expensive dog kibble alternatives to provide a proper source of high-quality ingredients, some pet owners turn to raw food.

Pet owners often turn to dry or canned dog foods for their pet as they are convenient. However, it’ important to do your research before grabbing the first dog food brand off the shelf as each contain different ingredients. On one side of the spectrum, you will have the more expensive dog food brands that typically contain top-grade meats, whole-grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. The cheaper brands of dog foods, including many commercial brands, are filled with filler meats, low-quality grains, bones and leftover parts of animals and contain little nutritional benefits.

If your dog currently eats dry or canned dog food, observe his appearance to evaluate whether or not the food is adding to his well-being. His coat should be strong and shiny and not contain bald spots, dandruff or have a greasy look. Are his eyes clear? Is he itching a lot? Reddened eyes and/or an itchy coat could indicate that your dog is allergic to a certain ingredient within his food.

Feeding Fresh Raw Foods

Since the quality of dry and canned dog foods can vary so much, as well as the frequent pet food recalls, many pet owners have turned to raw foods for their dog. When raw food is fed to the family pet, owners can assure that the food is healthy as it comes from the same grocery markets and butcher shops that they purchase their own food from. However, feeding a dog a raw food diet does require additional time for food preparation. Extra raw meat must be frozen and then thawed before use. Many owners must purchase a meat grinder to avoid the dog accidentally consuming bones.

Not all raw foods contain the ingredients that a dog may need to thrive. Therefore, additional supplements must be given to the dog to maintain the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals within the body. Foods must be cut up in bite size pieces for the dog and fed at least two to three times per day. This can be a difficult task for someone who works full-time or is not home often enough to prepare these meals.

Raw Food Versus Kibble

Both raw food and kibble can provide a good source of nutrition for a dog. Before feeding your dog kibble or raw food, do your research to determine which is best for your dog. A healthy diet is essential for your dog to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Austrian Religions

Every country has a specific religion that most of its citizens believe in. There are different branches and sects as well. When visiting other countries, we should be aware of the religions that each belief in as well. We are looking at Austria today to see what most of the population believes in as far as religion goes.

For centuries, Austrian citizens have been influenced by the Catholic religion and its traditions. There is religious freedom in Austria today. Everyday business, life, and legislation are deemed as secular here. About three-fourths of the country is Roman Catholic in faith. This number has dropped significantly over the past twenty years. Migration plays a huge role in the religious faiths changing in numbers as well.  Some other religions here are Protestant, Muslim, and Christian Orthodox, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jewish.

The Catholic church in Austria had many members in it during 2017, around 60 percent of Austrians were Catholic. The church has two archbishops, who are the ones who answer to the Pope. There is also another branch of Catholics who have started their own organization. This is called, Call to Disobedience. It is a movement in Austria, which has rebellious or nonconforming priests that are in favor women priests, married priests, letting divorced and remarried members receive communion.

The Roman Catholic religion is the oldest religion in Austria. Most of the Catholics in Austria still practice all their old traditions and go to mass weekly, sometimes more. Vienna was once the capital of the Holy Roman Empire; therefore, the religion is still quite strong in this area. In Vienna, there are still beautiful cathedrals, shrines, and monasteries. The urban areas of Austria do not have as many religious affiliations to the Catholic church though.


Austria also has a whopping 12% of their population listed as Atheists. Apparently, across Europe in the last few years, being a Pagan has started a movement, which is spreading. No one is sure of the cause, but some people say it because of the church taxation. Austria does have religious freedom rights, so anyone can practice what they want here.

Eastern Orthodox Christian

Six percent of the country is Eastern Orthodox Christian. This is mostly because of the migration of the Southern Slavic people coming to Austria. They came from the Balkans. The Serbs are part of the biggest group in this area of the country. Immigrants from Yugoslavia are also a part of this group.

Sunni Muslim

One religion that may surprise many people is the Sunni Muslims. This group has grown tremendously in Austria. There are about 6% of the population who recognize themselves as Sunni Muslims. Austria is one of the first countries to accept Muslims into their country. Many of the Muslims who are in Austria, are there for work factors. Those who are foreign workers do not practice their religion as often due to work hours. Austria privatized mosques and imams in 2015, due to rising concern about extreme Islam.

Casper API Crypto Review

Casper API is a decentralized data storage platform that is based on the blockchain technology and allows users to have access to and sell storage through the blockchain technology. Before the concept of the blockchain, most data storage platforms were centralized, but this was expensive for most companies. With more options for storage that is decentralized, there is more competition and Casper API claims to be at least three times less expensive than its competition.

Casper API ico


  • It allows users who have extra computer servers and want to rent out the space to be well compensated for it. Casper API will use that storage and store bits of data and information from the cloud-based companies from all around the world.
  • Casper API presents the true aspect of DApp storage. It uses the platform for decentralized applications and to provide faster and cheaper methods for data storage.
  • There is greater safety for data storage since it is not stored on one central server or a location. This makes it better protected against shutdowns and hacking possibilities. There is no known central node that can be hacked or any particular server that can be shut down. All of the data and information on the servers remain safe since the network spans different continents.

What Is Casper API About?

This platform is all about renting out any additional or extra disk space that a company or an individual may have on their servers in exchange for CST tokens, which can be exchanged in the open marketplace. If you are really good at providing a service, you are eligible to get additional rewards, crypto experts thetechinsider have found that Casper is providing an excellent service currently and this should help you get more rewards! This form of blockchain storage is the safest way available for those companies that are looking for decentralized storage options.

Casper Tokens (CST)

  • You can become a provider of the resources (1CST = up to 25.6 GB) by providing storage and receiving rewards for the service.
  • Tokens can be leased out to suppliers, and you can receive part of the rewards for making use of the tokens.
  • There are opportunities to sell the token on the stock exchange freely at market value.


  • Name of Token: CST
  • Sale of Token: May 30th – June 30th, 2018
  • Accepted Payment: ETH/BTC
  • 1 CST = 0.16 USD
  • Hard Cap: US $31,800,000
  • Soft Cap: US $6,700,000

Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder Review

Having the perfectly ground meat and using it in various dishes is like a dream come true for many. It can easily be made possible with the help of the Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder. It is one of the most trusted and reliable meat grinders presently available in the market right now. Delicious has a great list of meat grinders for all the enthusiasts of ground beef and burgers!


This meant grinder is provided to you with a powerful suction base to complete the grinding in no time. It also uses the blades that are made up of the heavy duty stainless steel. This is done to provide you the quick and effortless grinding. gideon meat grinderThis machine is able to grind various items including the Fruits, garlic, vegetable, meat and many more. It is extremely easy to be used and can be operated by anyone without any typical method included. The design of this meat grinder is made safe for usage and also a bit attractive as well. This machine is able to provide you completely high in quality performance. It also has better performance enhancement than the rest competitors available in the market. Due to this machine being portable and compact, you need not worry about the storage. It can really fit in even a small area. This machine is extremely helpful for transforming all your meat and vegetables into delicious dishes that all of us love.


  • The blades used in this grinder are completely made up of the stainless steel and offer the desired sharpness.
  • You are not required to change the blades time to time as these can offer you durable services.
  • It is extremely safe for usage.
  • The design of this meat grinder is made compact and portable; it is also done to save up the storage space.
  • It can be used to grind the fruits, vegetables as well as meat for you.
  • The parts are completely dishwasher safer; that means you will have to waste the minimum time for the cleaning of this grinder.


  • You will have to clean the meat properly before grinding; as it cannot cut through the bones.


The Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder is able to provide you the finely ground meat, in this video it found it to be one of the best meat grinders available.. This product is known to provide you efficient services. It seriously will not in any situation disappoint you with the services. Investing your money in it will surely be a valuable deal for you.

Tourist to experience real Beijing life with ‘alternative’ housings

In a new Chinese government program, 600 Beijing families have been chosen as hosts to the forthcoming swarm of foreign tourists, ready to hit the city for the nearby Olympics. The reason for this is to provide some more housing, as hotels and motels grow ever busier, and to provide a different perspective and view upon the Chinese way of life, and what better way in doing so then by leaving for a few days with a genuine Beijing family. Cultural exchange between tourists and Chinese residents is encouraged. Here’s just a statement from one of the program appliers:

“I didn’t decorate the rooms to look like hotel rooms, but I did paint the walls and cleaned them up. I want my guests to both feel at home and taste real Beijing life.”

An estimate of 2.5 million visitors will attend the Games, with 500,000 foreigners flooding the capital. However, an issue of great importance is not the lack of housing as many of us would think, but rather the over vacancy. As of Tuesday, less than half of Beijing’s hotels with four-star ratings or lower were booked through the Games. Five-star hotels fared somewhat better in occupancy rate, with rooms reserved primarily by Olympic officials and delegations. This leaves the Chinese families, ready to welcome the foreign visitors, in a big predicament and a lot of empty rooms. The main reason behind this is probably caused by China’s increased VISA restrictions. Talk about timing…

At least 1,000 visitors can be provided with rooms under the Homestay program, according to the Beijing Tourism Administration. And families are permitted to charge their guests a modest fee, the recommended rate being about $60-$80 (US) per night.