Casper API Crypto Review

Casper API is a decentralized data storage platform that is based on the blockchain technology and allows users to have access to and sell storage through the blockchain technology. Before the concept of the blockchain, most data storage platforms were centralized, but this was expensive for most companies. With more options for storage that is decentralized, there is more competition and Casper API claims to be at least three times less expensive than its competition.

Casper API ico


  • It allows users who have extra computer servers and want to rent out the space to be well compensated for it. Casper API will use that storage and store bits of data and information from the cloud-based companies from all around the world.
  • Casper API presents the true aspect of DApp storage. It uses the platform for decentralized applications and to provide faster and cheaper methods for data storage.
  • There is greater safety for data storage since it is not stored on one central server or a location. This makes it better protected against shutdowns and hacking possibilities. There is no known central node that can be hacked or any particular server that can be shut down. All of the data and information on the servers remain safe since the network spans different continents.

What Is Casper API About?

This platform is all about renting out any additional or extra disk space that a company or an individual may have on their servers in exchange for CST tokens, which can be exchanged in the open marketplace. If you are really good at providing a service, you are eligible to get additional rewards, crypto experts thetechinsider have found that Casper is providing an excellent service currently and this should help you get more rewards! This form of blockchain storage is the safest way available for those companies that are looking for decentralized storage options.

Casper Tokens (CST)

  • You can become a provider of the resources (1CST = up to 25.6 GB) by providing storage and receiving rewards for the service.
  • Tokens can be leased out to suppliers, and you can receive part of the rewards for making use of the tokens.
  • There are opportunities to sell the token on the stock exchange freely at market value.


  • Name of Token: CST
  • Sale of Token: May 30th – June 30th, 2018
  • Accepted Payment: ETH/BTC
  • 1 CST = 0.16 USD
  • Hard Cap: US $31,800,000
  • Soft Cap: US $6,700,000